Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I changed my blog name because...

Well this blog was originally called ravished by paranormal books but Ive decided to change the name because even though I read books constantly, I've had a problem keeping up with  reviewing them and that really isn't fair to any of the writers plus I don't have that many followers. So I've decided that even though I probably will still gush and drool over my paranormal reads; I also want to gush, rant and rave about my progresses/dilemas  as a NEW writer. I just started working on a new project which is still unnamed but hopefully I'll find time inbetween working a full time job, raising to very enthused and active boys ages 6 and 2, and fitting in a bunch of books to read. But thanks to alot of the people that I follow on here and on H.P.'s writing club I feel like I can tackle this new project (probably not as fast  as they tend to do) but I am will to try this out!

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