Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am Back

So I know Ive neglected my blog and everything else for that matter, but with so much going on its been tough..... I'm going back to school, my kids driving me insane (shhh! I think they are out to get me! lol) my computer getting messed and keeping up with a fulltime job (wow that was tiring just stating it) I've barely had anytime to breath. But I've recently bought myself a laptop which i justified buying for the sole purpose of keeping up with my writing (or better yet starting off with my writing). I have the storyline and characters in my head and now they will be let out to play indefinately to finally finish on the project that I've wanted to start since more than a year now... So off we go into the the lives of  Vane and Seth! Happy Blogging to the three lonely followers that I have lol!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I changed my blog name because...

Well this blog was originally called ravished by paranormal books but Ive decided to change the name because even though I read books constantly, I've had a problem keeping up with  reviewing them and that really isn't fair to any of the writers plus I don't have that many followers. So I've decided that even though I probably will still gush and drool over my paranormal reads; I also want to gush, rant and rave about my progresses/dilemas  as a NEW writer. I just started working on a new project which is still unnamed but hopefully I'll find time inbetween working a full time job, raising to very enthused and active boys ages 6 and 2, and fitting in a bunch of books to read. But thanks to alot of the people that I follow on here and on H.P.'s writing club I feel like I can tackle this new project (probably not as fast  as they tend to do) but I am will to try this out!