Sunday, August 28, 2011


This is a scene that I am planning to submit for an erotic anthology that is due to come out in December... not suitable for minors... enjoy Happy reading!


He pinned my hands above my head with one of his hands while the other held me by my chin coercing me to stay still as he whispered in my ear,

“Trisha I could tell you want this, you want me! I can tell by the way you’ve been tempting from the moment I walked in through that door! You’re the only one who’s fighting us—fighting this—fighting yourself. You don’t know how to ask for what you want but I do. Look at the way you affect me?”

 His breath was fanning against my ear causing me to shiver as he rotated his hips to emphasize what he meant, rubbing his hard dick against my stomach. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I wanted to fight this, say it wasn’t true—that he didn’t affect me in that way anymore but the more he rubbed the more my core melted for him. He sucked my earlobe into his mouth, twirling circles with his tongue causing a moan to escape my lips involuntarily melting my resolve little by little. He grazed his teeth against my jaw, as he turned my face slowly to meet my lips, I could do nothing more but to obey he was in control. Brushing his lips against mine; coercing them to open for an invitation.he licked, then Sucked my lower lip into his mouth. I moaned again finally giving into his tease losing myself in his kiss, as he delved his tongue into my mouth I wanted to run my hands through his haor so badly but couldn't. He released my chin and let his now free hand roam my body tucking it under my ass, lifting me up. I obeyed wrapping my legs around his torso. His hand came back up into my hair pulling my head back as he broke our kiss to lick and kiss down my neck. He began to pull the knot out of the halter of my dress loose letting the fabrics slide slowly over my nipple causing it to pebble as the breeze hit them.

“Wait,” I said in between panted breaths. “Caeden we can’t do this here, my family’s having dinner in the other room.” I said trying to get my wits together before I had sex with my ex in the hallway behind the stair wells.

“Shhh, Trish, it’s much more thrilling this way.” He said as he pulled up my dress, delving his fingers beneath the hem of my panties heading for my core causing another moan to escape my mouth as at the same time he pulled a nipple into his warm mouth.

“Fuck! You’re so wet.” He moaned with my nipple between his teeth. I gave in and began to ride his fingers feverishly. He let go of my nipple then and kissed me to muffle a moan that escaped my mouth. Shivers ran down my spine as my inner muscles fought to the urge to cum, just as I was about to peak he pulled his fingers out leaving core with a void. I whimpered in frustration when I noticed him unbuckling his hand with one hand. He pulled out of our kiss.

"Please let my hands go, I want to be the one to put you inside of me. ummm…” I moaned as he filled me with what I longed for at that moment. He went hard and fast exactly what I need at that moment causing me to cum instantly.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

There aren't enough hours in a day!

Well I know that I don't keep up with my blog much (better yet not at all). I really want to change that but I find it difficult and I feel as if I dont have much time as of late. I have so much on my plate, being that I work full time, try to take care of my kids, starting school full time this fall and trying to write my first book in my series (which is very hard) I find that my brain gets fried pretty quickly. I know that many of my fellow bloggers have a schedule set up for themselves but to honest I suck with schedules. I really wish I could add more hours to the day or better yet to fulfil my dream of becoming of fulltime writer. Wooh! how exciting would that be? I get giddy just thinking about that. Does anyone else? Well anyways I would like some help on how to manage my time so I could become better at this type of stuff any suggestions?